Lily asiatic 'Tiny Ghost'

Hardy Lily

Bright Purple Color
Most unique color in Lily Looks series
Suitable for Year Round
Normal Water Needs
Interesting Notes

Average # Days to flower: 60 Days

Bulb Size Bud Count
10/12cm 4 to 6
12/14cm 5 to 7
14/16cm 6 to 9
16/18cm 8 to 12

1 bulb per 4" pot
3 bulbs per 6" pot
5 bulbs per 8" pot

Growing Medium
a well drained, growing media is essential for proper growth of lilies. the medium should not contain superphosphate or perlite. PH should be maintained at 6.5.

Growers should be prepared to plant bulbs as soon as they arrive.Plant the bulbs at the bottom of the pot (1/2" of soil below them). Once potted the pots should be watered thoroughly. The soild should never be allowed to dry out, while at the same time the soil must not be too wet. When the shoots are 2-3" tall the stem roots are usually well developed and more water is required.

The pots are best to be put in 48 degrees cooler for 10 days prior to greenhouse. This is especially helpful in warmer temperatures. Best quality is seen with plants finished at cooler temperatures (58-60F). Asiatic should be grown at 50-55F nights and 65-75F days.

Post production handling.
Lily Looks is tested to not require any foliar spray and will not get yellow foliage during storage.

12-14 Inches
Hardiness Zone
Bloom Color
Days to Flower
Bud Count 10/12cm
4 to 6
Bud Count 12/14cm
5 to 7
Bud Count 14/16cm
6 to 9
Bud Count 16/18cm
8 to 12
Pot Size reccomendation
1 Gallon
2 Gallon
Season reccomendation

 Patent No: PP 16.161

Lily asiatic (Hardy Lily)

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